A Warm Cup of Coffee

You know those places that bring you peace? We all have them, whether it be your hometown, being by the water, a religious space, or simply a place that makes you feel grounded. For me, this sacred space is my favorite coffee shop in Fort Worth, the city I called home for four years. Avoca Coffee has been home to many late-night study sessions and caffeine fueled days, but more importantly it has cultivated conversations and friendships I hold close to my heart.

As a person who is fulfilled by personal relationships and meaningful conversations, I love a good “coffee date.” So, last year when my New Year’s resolution was to become a regular customer somewhere, Avoca quickly became my favorite hang-out. Whenever a friend wanted to get together that I hadn’t seen in a while, my immediate response was, “Let’s meet for coffee at Avoca!”

Some of my favorite memories were created sitting outside on a spring day, laughing over an iced vanilla latte, or finding comfort snuggled in a back booth sipping a warm mocha. As I struggled through a season of life full of questions and unknowns, the coffee and the conversations slowly healed me.

When I moved away from Fort Worth and in turn, my happy place, what I quickly learned was you are your own sanctuary. I brought the peacefulness and courage I had found in this safe space, into a new chapter of my life, always carrying in my heart the formative conversations had over a warm cup of coffee.