30,000 Miles

From a young age, travelling has been an integral part of my life. I am fortunate to have parents who found value in exposing my sister and me to new places and different cultures as we were growing up. I have carried this passion for exploration into my adult years, culminating an endless list of locations I hope to visit someday.

When I found myself an intern at an airline, where we had the privilege of flying on standby for no cost, you could say I was excited. In fifteen weeks, I traveled to nine different locations, and over 30,000 miles. Though each of these cities brought new experiences, delicious local cuisines, and beautiful sights, the most important thing they held were friendships I cherish.

Traveling gave me the opportunity to stay connected to those I love most, my tribe of friends who stretch from coast to coast. Each of the fabulous women I visited over my internship have truly influenced my life in a remarkable way. Some I met in middle school and we have grown into our adult selves together, staying connected through college and post-grad life in different states. Others were college friends who I shared the four most formative years of my life with, and we have freshly parted as we start our careers in different cities.

Cheers to the lovely conversations had over a warm cup of coffee or a refreshing glass of wine in the cities my dear friends now call home. San Jose, Houston, Washington D.C., Chicago, New York City, Omaha, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Minneapolis – you each hold a piece of my heart.