My Work


As an undergraduate student and intern I have explored various aspects and components of the marketing world. Shown below are examples from some of my personal favorite projects that range in content and industry. The four major sections included are brand management, media planning, marketing research, and logistics and event planning projects. Enjoy!



Brand Management

Understanding a brand at its core is the essence of what we do as marketers. It is our job to bring that brand to life, make it almost human in a sense. We create a personality for our brand with values and character and then the bigger challenge is creating that brand consistency while continually innovating. Shown here are a few examples of my work in this genre. 

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Plans book

Fort Capital is known in the Fort Worth, Texas community as a trusted real estate acquirer and developer. Click learn more to view a plans book created with recommendations to enhance the company's marketing efforts. 


Creative brief

Shown here is a creative brief for the Texas based cycling studio, ZYN22. Included is research, personas, insights, and recommendations about a potential new fitness format the studio is looking to launch. 


Brand & social media audit

Lululemon is a major leader in the athleisure industry with a strong presence nationally. Attached here is an audit that analyzes the company's branding decisions and social media presence. 


Media Planning

Bill Bernbach once said "Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make." The art of media planning is one of the most challenging aspects of an advertiser's job for this sole reason. Finding the balance between owned, paid, and gaining earned media for a brand is essential to a campaign's success. 

Click learn more to see a media plan created for Target during the Thanksgiving season. The plan includes creative examples of owned, paid, and earned media as well as target demographic information, budget, calendar, and a timeline for the advertising campaign. 


Marketing Research

Understanding the target demographic for a new business and more importantly, the needs of those consumers is vital to success. As a semester long research project, my team created surveys and analyzed data pertaining to HG Sply Co., a Dallas based restaurant that was newly opened in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Click learn more to view the marketing research report created. Included in the report are the survey results, data analysis, and insights gained from this information in regards to TCU students likelihood to eat at HG Sply Co. 

Event Planning & Logistics


auction benefitting Make-a-wish

Through my role as Auction Chair for the Chi Omega Sorority at TCU I had the privilege of building and organizing the Parents Weekend Auction which raised $113,963 for the North Texas chapter of Make-A-Wish. As part of my role I managed a 700+ RSVP list, handled a $10,000 budget, and arranged all logistical elements of the event. 

culture services.PNG

Culture services deck party

Deck parties at Southwest Airlines are events held every Monday after work to welcome new hires to the company's culture. Together with the two other interns in the Culture Services department we planned a carnival themed party for over 400 attendees handling the setup and cleanup, organizing volunteers, ordering food and beverages, and acquiring raffle prizes.